Flip-flops are as much a part of summer as ice cream trucks and sunblock, but they may leave you feeling worse than you would after a jellyfish sting.

Detroit's WXYZ reports that wearing the popular summer shoes can wreak havoc with your feet.

Dr. Zachary Vaupel is a foot and ankle surgeon in Royal Oak, Mich. who warns of the dangers of flip-flops:

Planter fasciitis, or heel pain, we can see pain in the arch. Tendinitis, stress fractures and shin splits....Trips and falls, strains and sprains broken bones and things like that."

Vaupel also thinks children are susceptible because they're running around and playing in flip-flops, which are hardly the appropriate shoes for an active lifestyle.

Vaupel also suggests people wearing flip-flops be especially careful while walking on the stairs and avoid walking for long periods of time in them.

Of course, there's also the crazy, totally uncool option of putting on socks and sneakers, but, come on, considering you have three other seasons for that, who's really going to do that?

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