If you're not as handy as they come, your fingers can't work their way around a tape measurer and you've been explicitly instructed to stay away from buzzsaws, October 31 is officially your chance to live out your construction worker fantasies (but seriously, stay away from the buzzsaws).

As Halloween approaches, PopCrush has got you covered with DIY costumes you can string together without the aid of a party supply store. Sure, it's easy to be a pre-boxed vampire, and "sexy cat" garb can be tempting, but there's particular satisfaction in a hard day's costume-making work.

This is extra true when the intended looks are Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home" getups.

In February, the five-piece girl group — with the help of Ty Dolla $ign — released their most commercially successful single yet. It was the 5H's first Top 10 hit on Billboard's Hot 100, the first girl-group video to break one-billion views on YouTube and, most importantly here, ushered construction worker chic right back in vogue.

Featuring utility belts, safety goggles and even a massive industrial cement mixer, the video doubled as its own sexy HGTV series in which Lauren, Camila and their bandmates were licensed contractors. Is it typical for hired professionals to exact dance sequences between hollowed-out foundations? Maybe not, but the girls looked great doing it, and now, so can you.

Above, we've laid down a step-by-step guide that'll have you splitting beams and twisting screws in no time. Get your circle saws ready, break that toolbox out of the junk shed and treat your Halloween party like it's your own personal demolition site. Come October 31, it's your time to shine as your trick-or-treat route's wrecking ball.

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