Emma Watson can't vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, but she sure wishes she could.

The Harry Potter actress posted a lengthy letter to Twitter today (October 25), urging U.S. citizens -- particularly women -- to cast their ballots come Election Day (November 8), noting that the outcome of the presidential race will have an enormous impact on the world at large.

"...it can’t be denied that the result of the upcoming US presidential election will have ripple effects around the world and impact, in one way or another, the lives of millions and millions of people," she wrote.

Watson continued, saying, "It has been excruciating to sit on the sidelines in the months leading up to this election. Goodness, I wish I could cast a vote."

Watson then turned her focus to women's rights. And while she failed to specifically endorse either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in her post, she noted that the outcome of this election will not only set the precedent for he way women are treated in the U.S., but will affect legislature either already in place or that's yet to come.

"We know one of the most reliable indicators of peace and prosperity, nationally and globally, is not a country’s level of wealth, democracy or ethno-religious identity," she continued, "but how well its women and girls are treated (Sex and World Peace by Valerie Hudson).

"The next president will be able to make decisions about women, about their bodies, about how they are treated at work, on university campuses and at school, about how men treat women and about their rights as citizens," Watson wrote. "These decisions affect how young people form their ideas of gender. These decisions will affect whether we believe in equality is an idea that matters."

Watson -- an outspoken proponent for women's rights -- left off with statistics, saying women can ultimately decide the outcome of the election should they choose to wield their power.

"In the last US election, 70 million women cast ballots versus 60 million men," the Beauty and the Beast actress wrote. "Women, your vote could swing this election. Please go out and vote on the 8th of November."

Check out Emma Watson's full letter above.

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