A Georgia real estate agent is suing The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the talk-show host used and mispronounced her name to make a joke about breasts, FOX News reports.

During an episode aired February 22 (and re-aired on April 15), DeGeneres utilized one of the agent's real estate signs to joke about her name, Titi (pronounced "Tee-tee") Pierce, immediately after showing another sign for an unrelated business called Nipple Convalescent Home.

According to the suit filed June 2, Pierce's cellphone number was displayed onscreen during the comedic segment and she was subsequently subjected to a number of prank phone calls which she says were ridiculing and harassing in nature.

Pierce was reportedly en route to a family funeral when she learned that her name and phone number had been broadcast on national television:

"While driving to Tampa, during the wake, and at the funeral itself, Ms. Pierce’s personal cell phone rang constantly with out-of-state numbers she did not recognize," the suit relays. "She answered several of the telephone calls and when she did, she was met with cruel voices laughing uncontrollably, asking if she was a real person, and repeatedly shouting 'Titty Pierce.'"

The suit against Warner Bros., the show's parent company, claims "invasion of privacy, defamation and emotional distress," according to The Associated Press. Piece is seeking unspecified monetary damages, and the clip has since been pulled from DeGeneres' YouTube channel.

Harmless tease or an invasion of privacy? Weigh in below.

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