We're only a little over a week away from the release of 'Edge of Tomorrow,' and unlike most of this summer's releases, Warner Bros. has been a little more conservative with the amount of clips and footage they've put out so far -- which makes any new footage we get a chance to see that much sweeter. And these latest clips look pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

The first two highlight Tom Cruise's Cage as he trains with Emily Blunt's Rita in a simulation to try and improve his battle skills and (hopefully) avoid dying -- or, at the very least, make sure he's not simple injured. As Rita points out, in this world, with his particular set of skills, being injured and not dying is just about the worst he can do.

The next two clips are much more action-packed, and definitely have us revved up for the film's release this week, featuring Bill Paxton instructing his troops to make the drop from the plane or die, and Cage trying to protect a dazed Rita from encroaching aliens on the battlefield.

'Edge of Tomorrow,' as you know by now, follows Cruise's Cage -- a soldier fighting in a war with aliens, who relives his last day of battle over and over again, though he finds his skills improving along the way. The film his theaters next Friday, June 6.

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