Tonight you'll definitely want to tune in for "Wheel of Fortune" to see a Dubuque schoolteacher compete!

Molly Davis recently had the opportunity to appear on the long-running game show and tonight you'll get a chance to see her episode.

How did she do? She won't tell us... you'll have to watch when it airs.

I chatted with her this morning on the air and she told me she tried out during a 'mobile wheel' event last year in Des Moines. Through a series of events she ultimately got an email telling her she'd be on the show!

While Molly had to cover her own cost of travel, the minimum a contestant receives is a thousand dollars, so she knew she'd at least come out even.

Molly Davis

She says the wheel is very heavy. Vanna is very sweet and when she first arrives on set it's in jeans and a sweatshirt.

Pat is also very friendly and made Molly feel like one of the family. She was able to tell us she gives Dubuque a shout-out and also her school... Fulton Elementary... where she is a 3rd grade teacher.

It's taped, so it's long over... but we'll still wish her good luck tonight on "Wheel.... of.... Fortune!" It airs at 6:30pm local time on KWWL, or check your local listing so you don't miss it!



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