The Dubuque Telegraph Herald is reporting that officers with Dubuque County Sheriff's Department and the Iowa State Patrol were threatened over the weekend with a Molotov cocktail.


According to the TH, 34-year-old Jordan L. Carr of Epworth was arrested around 9 pm Tuesday at his residence on warrants charging threat with an explosive or incendiary device, interference with official acts with a weapon, two counts of possession of explosive materials or devices and two counts of reckless use of fire.

Also according to the TH, court documents show Carr threatened officers Saturday, October 22nd around 4:30 pm as they were attempting to serve him with warrants regarding several small explosions in Epworth back on October 10th.

According to court documents obtained by the TH, responding officers observed Carr holding “a glass bottle with a rag hanging out of it fully engulfed in flames,”  When Carr observed officers, he raised the bottle and took a stance suggesting he would throw it.

The documents also stated that “Carr held the explosive for approximately 17 seconds and held it at his side” before placing it “on the ground directly next to a gas can and a propane tank,”

When Carr attempted to return to his residence, a Peosta officer tased him causing him to fall and hit his head.  Carr was unconscious and transported by ambulance to MercyOne Dubuque Medical Center.

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