The Dubuque County Board of Supervisors approved the allocation of $125,000 in grants to area volunteer fire and rescue departments and organizations.

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Credit: Sivaraman Gopakumar

The funds were the supervisors' fourth annual disbursement from the Tom Hancock Memorial Fire and EMS Grant Program, named for the late Iowa senator, county supervisor, and Epworth Fire Department Chief- Tom Hancock.

Established in 2019, the grant program recognizes the lifelong commitment to fire and EMS services by County Supervisor Tom Hancock, who passed away suddenly in January 2016 during his first term in office. Hancock served on the Epworth volunteer fire department for 45 years of which he was chief for 16 years. He also served two terms in the Iowa Senate from 2005-2013.

Since 2019, $375,000 has been awarded through the Tom Hancock Memorial Grant by the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors.

The grants were awarded to:

  • Bernard Rescue Unit, $34,225 for eDraulic rescue tools ("jaws of life" devices).
  • Centralia-Peosta Fire Department, $21,231 for an advanced life support training manikin.
  • New Vienna Fire Department, $20,000 for an air filling system.
  • Epworth Fire Department, $15,000 for an automated CPR device.
  • Dubuque County EMS Association, $10,000 for an MCI trailer upgrade.
  • Sherrill Fire Department, $9,855 for a helmet and pulse oximetry update.
  • Worthington Fire Department, $8,689 for thermal imaging and radio accessories.
  • Key West Fire Department, $6,000 for mayday event training.
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Credit: Jasmina81

All grants go to stabilizing conditions within our local EMS and Fire Departments with the intent of providing additional resources, structure, and equipment for the daily job. Many of the updates and new equipment will better protect our firefighters and allow EMS workers the latest life-saving measures/gear.

In addition, the Dubuque County Treasurer has received payment for Flood Control for the period of October 1st, of 2020 to September 30th of 2021 in the amount of $87,625.65. Allocation of these funds allows for 10% of the money to be distributed as determined by the Board of Supervisors to local fire departments affected by the federal flood control project. Allocation of the flood control funds is as follows:

  • City of Dubuque Fire Department $2920.86
  • Key West Fire Department $2920.86
  • Sherrill Fire Department $2920.86

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