The Dubuque City Council made history at Monday night's meeting with the first female sworn in as the City's new Fire Chief.

Fire Chief Amy Scheller officially took the helm of the Dubuque Fire Department. Sheller comes to Dubuque from Naperville, Illinois, where she acquired 30 years of experience, including that City's first female Deputy Fire Chief.

Photo Credit: Naperville Community Television NCTV17 via Youtube

Image Credit: Naperville Community Television NCTV17 via Youtube

In a past Naperville Community Television interview, Sheller shared her willingness to push boundaries throughout her life and the inspiration to become a firefighter. In addition, Sheller shared how she emphasizes needing confidence and competence to be an effective leader.

In her previous role, Sheller supervised and managed all areas of the Naperville fire department operations and administrative divisions.

"I had an opportunity to meet the community, meet members of the organization, meet members of the City, and it was kind of a two-way conversation," said Sheller in a recent KCRG TV 9 interview.

"We need diversity. We need people that think differently, that can respond differently," she said about her plans to address workforce issues.

Sheller replaces longtime firefighter and Chief Rick Steines, who retired after serving 37 years in the Dubuque Fire Department.

In addition to swearing in Sheller, the Council also welcomed new Police Chief Jeremy Jensen to the job. Although Jensen has been on the job for several months, his appointment was made official with the swearing-in ceremony at Monday night's Council meeting. Jenson fills the vacancy opened with longtime Chief Mark Dalsing's 2021 retirement.

Image Credit: Telegraph Herald via Youtube
Image Credit: Telegraph Herald via Youtube

Jenson's Linkedin profile states that he holds a Master's Degree from the University of Dubuque and attended the FBI National Academy in 2016. Additionally, Jensen is an experienced Police Executive with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry. And he is skilled in law enforcement, leadership, and training, emphasizing emotional intelligence.


A previous Telegraph Herald Youtube interview with Jeremy Jensen regarding Halloween Safety.

Naperville Community Television NCTV17 interview with Amy Sheller.




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