Justine Paradiso, VP of Programs & Events for Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, stopped in on Tuesday morning to discuss some huge events the Chamber will be holding and/or participating in for the month of April.

Sooner or later, the weather will warm. Either way, Justine and the Chamber are hitting the ground running in the next couple of weeks to honor the area's businesses and people in some fun ways.

In our interview, Justine noted that an "Executive Meet & Greet" is going to be held on April 19th from 5-7pm at Hotel Julien.

Companies who have recently brought on new hires or have promoted within are encouraged to let the Chamber know, so they can be a part of this event. It's an opportunity for individuals either new to the region or those who have just experienced some upward mobility to mingle with Chamber members.

"We do these biannually, they take place during our business after hours," Paradiso said. "That night, [new hires and their employers] come to celebrate [...] and we recognize them for all their hard work and what they're doing to help the Dubuque business community."

Also on the docket this month are a handful of "ribbon cutting" ceremonies. Justine referred to it as "ribbon cutting season" given the wealth of businesses kicking off spring with some major happenings.

"We love ribbon cuttings at the Chamber," Justine said. "That means there's something to celebrate: a new business, new ownership, expansion, anniversary. You name it, we love to do ribbon cuttings."

Justine also added in May, there will be "Manufacturers Appreciation Week" where multiple different manufacturing plants will be honored and showcased.

"We're excited to be bringing this back. [Manufacturers Appreciation Week] is a chance to honor all the local manufacturers in the area. On May 10th and May 12th, we'll have tours you can sign up to attend. We will take a trolley, go visit, and get some exclusive behind the scenes of some local manufacturers."

As always, Justine reminds people that the best place to stay posted on the Dubuque Area Chamber is via their website. You can explore all upcoming events on their "Events" tab. You can also reach them via phone at 563-557-9200.

Below, you can also listen to my interview with Justine Paradiso!

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