It's not too uncommon to find someone with an allergy to pet dander, but did you know that some cats can actually be allergic to people? Wild, I know! But not too unsurprising when we look at the reasons why.

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash
Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Cats can get seasonal allergies to pollen, and some even have year-round allergies to dust mites and fleas. When someone with allergies (humans, dogs, and cats alike) comes in contact with an allergen, their body sends out immunoglobulin E antibodies, releasing histamine and other chemicals that can trigger runny noses, itchy eyes, sneezing, hives, and rashes. For some cats, in rare cases, this reaction can be triggered by the dander of a person! It's pretty rare because, generally speaking, humans don't shed as much hair and dead skin and are usually more hygienic than most animals. When cats do have a bad reaction to humans, it’s mostly caused by residue from perfume, soap, or laundry detergent. Cats tend to have a higher sensitivity to chemicals than dogs, therefore small changes in the products a person uses on their body can end up affecting their feline friends.

Next time your furry friend is sneezing and itching, but you can't figure out what may have been the cause, try to think if there have been any changes in the products you use. That may be the culprit!


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