I was born in DeWitt, IA. I went to school in the Central Community School district up to my Sophomore year when we moved to Eldridge, IA and I graduated from North Scott High School.

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These districts are only about 15 minutes apart in Eastern Iowa. I spent a lot of time going back and forth to see friends and family. In the time after I left, the district combined the Jr. High with the High School in a beautiful new, state-of-the-art building attached to the original building. A brand new auditorium was added to that with plenty of new parking.

I saw many changes and growth from the little school district, and wish I could say that it was during my time there. It wasn't, but I still hold a lot of pride for the DeWitt Central Sabers.

Another reason to be proud is that girl's wrestling has been added to the sports offered now! Recently, all over the country, the rise of girl's wrestling has added more depth to the sports options. The athletes who have joined are saying it opens the High School sports options for females and that inches closer to equality between the sexes.

In a story from The DeWitt Observer, it's said that over 740 girls have registered and attended the IWCOA state tournament, held last month in Coralville.

Coach Matt Ohnemus says that girl's wrestling has given the athletes more than scores and medals.

Wrestling teaches such incredible attributes like confidence, resilience, toughness, independence, and leadership – among many more. For all of the time, we have prided ourselves on teaching such important character traits to the boys, but now we can have a chance for the girls to get an opportunity to grow in the same way. - Matt Ohnemus, quoted from The DeWitt Observer

I'm very happy my hometown continues to plan for the future and has plans for more growth as a district for all of its students. I'm also excited to watch as more and more girls look into this sport, and being brave enough to shake up the system and push the boundaries of male-oriented sports like wrestling and football.


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