The Portland businesswoman shows her funny side in a funny sketch with the local Q Morning Show DJs.

Darla, the owner of Marcy's Diner in Portland, Maine, has been getting national attention for an incident that happened in her restaurant last week.

Long story short, a couple came in on Saturday with their toddler, the toddler was making a lot of noise for quite some time, and Darla finally had enough. She went over to the table, slammed her hands down and yelled to the family, "This has to stop!"

The mother complained on Facebook, and Darla replied with her own fiery post. It has been a battle of words not only between Darla and the family, but with hordes of internet commenters, with supporters on both sides (and many blaming both sides). You can get a summary of the story from the Portland Press Herald.

The Washington Post published a letter from the mother, Tara Carson, explaining her side of the situation, but Darla is sticking to her guns and not apologizing. She has stood her ground through updates on her diner's Facebook page, and is not afraid to speak her mind in interviews.

Whatever your opinion of the situation, you cannot argue that Darla is a woman of conviction. Jeff Parsons and Lori Voornas from the Q Morning Show on Portland's Q97.9 decided to have a laugh with Darla about the whole thing.

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