Does your list of life goals include flying out to Los Angeles to crush things with Arnold Schwarzenegger in his Patton M47 tank? Well, listen up.

The former Governator is holding a contest to raise money for charity. You can enter on for your chance to be flown out to LA with a buddy and spend a day with the Terminator himself. Flight and hotel will be completely free and your entry will support the After-School All-Stars program.

Once you're there with Arnold, you'll ride around in his Patton M47 tank and crush whatever the hell you want. As a friendly primer, Arnold uploaded the video above to show you just a few of the things you'll be able to destroy with his tank. While you could crush normal objects, like a taxi cab, you can also go hog wild and crush a whole bunch of bubble wrap. Just imagine the therapeutic act of popping bubble wrap -- now imagine steamrolling a sheet of it with a giant-ass tank!

The best part for us is when he crushed a copy of 'Million Dollar Baby' because he said it made him cry. Then he assures us he was kidding, because Arnold doesn't cry.

Enter the contest through the link above. Each entry starts at $10 a pop, so get out those fat ducats for your chance to crush stuff in a tank with Arnold.

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