Dubuque Not In Top 40

Roadsnacks published a 2021 ranking of Iowa's most dangerous cities, and found the most dangerous to be Council Bluffs.  Crime statistics were weighed against population totals to determine the danger index of the 64 largest cities and towns in Iowa.

Dubuque sits comfortably back in 41st place, a move back from its previous ranking of 27th.  Dubuque is ranked as less dangerous than Maquoketa, Oelwein, and Independence, in addition to larger cities like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport.

New data is due out next month, and Roadsnacks promises an update when it becomes available.

See the rankings and check out the methodology here: roadsnacks.net/most-dangerous-cities-in-iowa/.  Be aware, the headlines and data labels aren't exactly clear.


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The author, Tim Koehler, is a native to the Dubuque area, long-time radio host, dork, father, part-time toupee model, very stable genius and horse stable shoveller, regular napper, Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006, teller of stories and bad dad jokes. 

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