What's that they say about not sweating the small stuff?

A woman named Brandy Wooten who identifies herself as a blogger went on a profanity-laced tirade because McDonald's didn't have fresh-baked cookies she was promised would be available when she called before leaving for the restaurant. She was told she'd have to wait a whole two minutes.

Side note: you must really love McDonald's if you're calling ahead of time to make sure the food you want will be fresh.

Her reaction seems a just wee bit over the top and proves that maybe, just maybe, that whole "customer is always right" thing may not be true. The employee on duty also does a good job of not leaning through the window and ringing Wooten's neck. She remains calm, even though she's clearly being verbally abused.

Wooten posted the R-rated encounter on her Facebook page. Be warned: there is a lot of dirty language:

She had also posted the video on her YouTube page, which has since been suspended. There is an edited version of the video on the site, though, if you'd like to see that.

We can't wait to see her video in response to YouTube's action.

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