Jimmy Fallon's hardcore viewership has some (let's put it delicately) extremely weird demands for what they want to see on his 'Tonight Show,' including one request replicate the Big Mouth Billy Bass that served as everyone's go-to white elephant gift a few years ago. There's no way that fan thought asking Fallon to include such a gag on his show would end with Lance Bass (of *NSYNC fame) replicating it in the most horrifying and true-to-life way possible. Yes, he's hanging above a fireplace.

Tossing a former boy bander up on a mantel and making him sing like a forgotten holiday gag gift -- you animals -- wasn't the only suggestion the 'Tonight Show' viewers threw at Fallon last night. They also wanted to see 'Game of Thrones' as performed with the voices of children. Why not? By the time Fallon gets to a few random queries about the next album from house band The Roots, everything seem weirdly normal.

To his credit, Fallon only encourages this behavior by allowing his fans to slam dunk some ideas into his Suggestion Box and then actually making them happen, no matter how random they might seem to be.

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