I make it well-known that I'm a Minnesota sports fan: Vikings, Twins, Wild and Wolves. That's why I was more excited than most would be here in the Tri-States when my buddy, Scott, brought six posters out to the radio station yesterday.

While the Twins are nowhere near the World Series drought the Cubs are currently in, the Minnesota sports market as a whole has not had a championship of any kind (excluding the WNBA's Lynx) since 1991 (Twins' last World Series).

To have a team in all four major sports leagues and not have a championship to show for 24+ years is not good. In fact, it puts Minnesota in elite "Loserville" company - which I hope we can soon leave behind.

The one thing we have to hold on to is the memories. While I was still picking my nose and eating baby food when the Twins won in 1987, these posters take me back to my early childhood when the Twins won two World Series titles in 5 seasons.