Tree & Forestry Workers, SALUTE!

Out on a limb in the heat!

I got a taste of working for a tree service when I was in high school -- just enough of it to learn that I was better suited to sitting in a studio chair playing music for a living.  Until you've spent days in the sun wearing boots, jeans, gloves, and other protective gear, covered in sweat, scratches, sawdust, oil, and gasoline, you can't really know the toughness these guys demonstrate.  Rope burns, sunburns, burns from hot chainsaw exhaust, scrapes from bark, and edging toward heat exhaustion go with the territory for these guys.  (Before you complain, I mean "guys" in a gender-neutral sense).

Make no mistake, they earn their pay.  I happened upon a couple of hard-working guys from ExTREEm Stump Removal on this hot June day, and shared a few words to express my respect.

Everyone working in outdoors, or other high-temperature occupations, thank you for everything you do to keep our community thriving.  Tree and forestry workers of the tri-state area, SALUTE!


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