The next time you must stop by your local U.S. Bank branch, be aware it might not be there.

We all need to do "bank stuff" occasionally, so having these branches open is nice. However, like everything else, most is done online, so there's not much demand for these physical locations.

That said, this isn't a massive closure of banks by any means, but then again, if you rely on these places to be open to help you, it could be a problem.

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Yes, it's a bummer that these banks are closing, but before you think it's going to look like a scene from your favorite post-apocalyptic TV show with nothing but boarded-up windows everywhere, it's just a handful of branches.


Finance Buzz says the U.S. Bank locations are closing in 2024:

  • 400 South Lincoln Avenue in O'Fallon, Illinois
  • 311 West Grand Avenue in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  • 24049 State Road 35 in Siren, Wisconsin

While these three places are closing, which will be inconvenient for those who use those branches, consider it a new way to manage your money.

Other bank branches in the US could close, too, so now might be a good time to start looking for a new one.

MORE CLOSURES: A retail shop with 24 Illinois stores filed bankruptcy and announced closures.

You could also hide all your money under your mattress, lock it in a block of ice in the back of your freezer, or find another branch.

After all, there are still plenty of options in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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