If your state's lottery isn't bringing you any luck or it doesn't have one, why not play a neighboring state's lottery? That's exactly what a man in Illinois did and is now $10,000 richer.

Luckily for him, he didn't have to drive far since he lives in western Illinois and Iowa is just a short drive away. But if crossing the Mississippi River meant you would become $10,000 richer, wouldn't you do it too?

attachment-Illinois Man Wins Other State's Lottery

Illinois Man Wins $10,000 Playing Neighboring State's Lottery

An Illinois man has won a $10,000 Iowa Lottery prize on a ticket he purchased just down the road and across the Mississippi River from the town he lives in.

Jose Cossio of Morrison, Ill., won the 19th prize of $10,000 in the Iowa Lottery's 'Lucky 7 Bonus" scratch game. He purchased his winning ticket at Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh, 809 S. Fourth St. in Clinton. He claimed his prize Friday at the lottery's Cedar Rapids regional office.

Iowa Lottery
Iowa Lottery

Another Way For You To Win Big Cash Money

While the Iowa Lottery's Lucky 7 Bonus scratch game could win you $250,000, it costs $20 per ticket to play.

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