Last week, a fateful incident on the Dubuque-Wisconsin bridge shook the communities involved, as authorities released details about a collision that resulted in one fatality and three individuals sustaining injuries.

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According to a comprehensive crash report from the Iowa State Patrol, the incident occurred on a Saturday evening when a Toyota RAV4 crossed the bridge. Unexpectedly, the vehicle collided with a wheelbarrow on the road, prompting the car to come to a halt. The occupants, likely concerned about the damage, exited the vehicle to inspect it.

Tragically, the situation took a turn for the worse when a Kia Forte struck the stationary RAV4 and its passengers. The impact claimed the life of Bahsan Y. Abdullahi, a 20-year-old from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Additionally, three individuals were injured in the collision. Wiam E. Elkhalifa, 21, was airlifted to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, while Bradey M. Burbach, 19, and Samaria M. Pugh, 19, were transported by ambulance to UnityPoint Health-Finley Hospital.

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The crash report outlines that Elkhalifa's vehicle collided with a wheelbarrow in the inside northbound lane of the bridge, leading to the fatal incident when the occupants were assessing the damage.

As the investigation by the Iowa state patrol continues, the community is left grappling with the aftermath of this tragic accident. Iowa State Patrol and local law enforcement is again emphasizing the importance of roadway safety as we enter a season of increased roadway accidents (deer, ice, snow, etc.) and the unpredictable nature of them. In situations it is best to avoid lanes of traffic. If possible, safely exit the vehicle and remain as clear of the roadway as possible. Do this only if you are unable to remove the vehicle from the roadway.

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