Let's get this whole sh***y post going with a question for you. Are you a swearer? Before you answer, I should tell you that the average American swears or curses between 80 and 90 times per day, which averages out to about 5 cusses per hour (per businessinsider.com)

So don't give me a pile of bull***t about not swearing. Of course you do it. I know it, you know it, and the American people know it.

The only questions left would be: what's your favorite, go-to swear word, and which swear word do you think Illinois residents like to use the most?

Let's hurry up and get guessing. It's not like I have all f*****g day.

Look kids, it's Andrew Dice Clay's wallpaper. (Getty Images)
Look kids, it's Andrew Dice Clay's wallpaper. (Getty Images)

In The United States As A Whole, The Battle For Top Swear Word Is Between Just Two Words

The source for our breakdown of Illinois' and the Midwest's favorite swear words is a piece at WordTips.com (a website than can help you beat word games like Scrabble, Wordle, etc.), where they took a look at how swearing, like calling your drink pop or soda, or saying "you all" or "y'all" is a regional thing.

Even the aforementioned battle between the top two swear words is a somewhat regional thing. It all comes down to these two swear words: s**t and f**k.

The favored swear word of the U.S. turns out to be s**t. I don't mean it was a s**t winner, just that the word is s**t. It came out on top in 15 states, and its major competing swear word, f**k, was tops in 13 states.

I'm no lip-reader, but I think I know what word she's about to use. (Getty Images)
I'm no lip-reader, but I think I know what word she's about to use. (Getty Images)

Here In Illinois, We Like Our Swear Words To Be Polysyllabic, None Of That Monosyllabic S**t

Does that tell you what Illinois' favorite swear word is? I'm guessing that you've long-since figured out that here in Illinois, the swearing population has developed a real fondness for the word motherf***er. So, there's the number one swear word in Illinois, and only two other states share it with us; Indiana and Kansas.

Some other states, and their favorites, according to WordTips.com:

  • Wisconsin: S**t
  • Minnesota: Hell
  • Michigan: F**k
  • Iowa: P***y
  • Missouri: Hell
  • Kentucky: B***h

According to the findings, the folks in Idaho are in a state that's not really not on-board with a lot of swearing, as the favorite "swear" word there is "crap." If you find yourself on the mean streets of Pocatello, you'll probably hear that word a lot. Cover your ears.

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