The good news is this is just a hypothetical scenario that will hopefully never happen. The bad news is if a first-strike nuclear attack on America ever happens, a new FEMA map shows dozens of places in Wisconsin would be in trouble during the beginning of a horrific conflict.

I found this map shared in a Reddit conversation that originated from FEMA. It's a map showing likely targets during a limited 500 missile first strike or a more lethal 2,000 missile attack.

Map published by FEMA showing potential US nuclear targets in 2,000 and 500 warhead scenarios. Cannon isn’t on the map!
by inAirForce

Let's zoom in on the Wisconsin part of this FEMA map. Once again, the legend features triangles representing locations attacked by a smaller 500 missile attack and the black circles for a 2,000 missile attack. One of the prime targets would be Madison.


My understanding about the creation of this map is that FEMA believes that a nuclear enemy would likely go after military and missile bases along with manufacturing and transportation hubs if a first-strike were ever attempted in an effort to cripple America's ability to retaliate. They have developed a comprehensive first 72 hour plan that imagines a worst-case scenario.

According to the map they've shared, FEMA imagines a terrible fate for Wisconsin if a surprise first-strike attack were to happen and it's not just the direct targets in the state, but the proximity to the Chicago area also which would be one of the first 3 targets carpeted with nuclear weapons.

Let's hope this map and planning remains in the arena of strategy and never a real-world reality ever.

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