You might want to be careful before you get in the water if you have outdoor weekend plans in Wisconsin. There are advisories for at least 26 beaches in the state that have recently tested positive for elevated bacteria levels.

The state of Wisconsin has a very frequently updated beach monitoring level website. I was surprised to see the list now showing numerous Wisconsin lakes and water areas that now have no swimming advisories. Each entry shows the lake/beach, the advisory issued and the last date tested:

  • SUGAR RIVER AT NELSON RD - Elevated bacteria - 18-JUN-24
  • Rock River - Nr Auburn Dr - Elevated bacteria 24-JUN-24
  • Asylum Point Park And Boat Landing - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24
  • Black Wolf Boat Landing - Elevated bacteria 18-JUN-24
  • Boom Bay Boat Landing - Elevated bacteria 18-JUN-24
  • Village Of Butte Des Morts Boat Landing - Elevated bacteria 18-JUN-24
  • Kohler Andrae State Park Picnic Beach North And South - Elevated bacteria 26-JUN-24
  • Trempealeau River - Pietrek County Park Beach - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24
  • Harrington State Park Beach South - Elevated bacteria 21-JUN-24
  • Hotz Memorial Park (Europe Bay #2) - Elevated bacteria 26-JUN-24
  • Nicolet Beach - Elevated bacteria 27-JUN-24
  • Red Arrow Park Beach Manitowoc - Elevated bacteria 27-JUN-24
  • Otumba Park Beach - Elevated bacteria 27-JUN-24
  • North Beach - Dangerous Currents 27-JUN-24
  • Zoo Beach - Dangerous Currents 27-JUN-24
  • Deland Park Beach - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24
  • Amsterdam Beach - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24
  • Clay Banks Beach 2 - Elevated bacteria 26-JUN-24
  • Fish Creek Beach - Elevated bacteria 27-JUN-24
  • Klode Park Beach - Elevated bacteria 21-JUN-24
  • Brunet Island State Park Beach - Elevated bacteria 20-JUN-24
  • Cox Hollow Beach - Gov Dodge Sp - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24
  • Pine Point Beach - Elevated bacteria 13-JUN-24
  • Badfish Creek At S 59 Bridge - Elevated bacteria 18-JUN-24
  • Trail's End Camp Beach - Elevated bacteria 06-JUN-24
  • Silver Creek - Culvert West of Ripon - Elevated bacteria 25-JUN-24

Note that this list of Wisconsin beach advisories changes frequently, so make sure to check it often before you head to that water place for a getaway.

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