Oh, the problems of the rich and famous, or maybe we should say the not-as-rich-as-they-thought-they-were -- as it would seem Offspring singer and Weird Al soundalike Dexter Holland might have both of his airplanes repossessed. Yes, we said both of them, as in he owns more than one airplane. This is a result of Holland attempting to buy a third plane but being unable to make the payments on it.

According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, Holland already owned two Cessna aircraft when he decided to finance a third one. But when he wasn't able to make the payments, he sold the third plane, gave the money to Cessna, and agreed to pay off the rest of the balance he owed. But Cessna says he hasn't made a payment in over a year, so they've filed a lawsuit that could see the punk-rock tenor's other two planes taken away.

TMZ reported that, according to Cessna's lawsuit, Holland still owes the company almost $800,000, which he has until 2017 to pay off. He had to put his other two planes up as collateral in the deal, which means if Holland doesn't make his payments, he could be left high and dry. Well, dry, at least.

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